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The charity Brick by Brick provides accommodation for the homeless on a semi-permanent and permanent basis.

We aim to house those homeless people who have become nearly invisible to the eyes of society, i.e. people living in hostels, in hotels, in non- secure accommodations, in insalubrious conditions, and also on the streets, all of whom are in need of a decent and secure place they can call home.

The unique feature of Brick by Brick is that homeless people can self-refer. This means that they can contact us direct and do not need to go through a lengthy assessment process involving a variety of agencies, during which they remain homeless, with no guarantee of being provided with a home at the end of the process. When a homeless person approaches Brick by Brick, we follow our own assessment procedures, which may include seeking reference from other statutory bodies and other organisations for the homeless that  the person approached prior to contacting us, but not exclusively so.  We also rely on personal accounts and references, and depending on the outcome of the assessment, and of any vacancies within our own properties, we can rehouse a homeless person in a matter of days.

Brick by Brick currently owns four freehold properties offering a mix of rooms with shared facilities, studio flats, one and two bedroom flats. In total, we have 40 housing units.

Brick by Brick is currently undergoing an extensive refurbishment and redecorating phase to all of its properties. This program is expected to last throughout 2016.  It includes anything from interior painting, to new flooring, to installing new kitchens, improved facilities and total refurbishment of some flats.

During those works, none of our current tenants are losing their homes. We are merely offering them an alternative accommodation within our own properties, specifically set aside for this purpose. Once the works on their original home is completed, they can simply move back in, with the added benefit of a refreshed and renewed environment.

The long term plans of Brick by Brick is to create more housing units which are still much needed to address the country’s homeless situation.  Due to high property costs in the capital, we aim to identify more affordable properties further afield.

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