In line with the ‘articles of memorandum’ relating to its charity status, Brick by Brick LHAG builds and provides housing for people who are homeless.

Brick by Brick houses all types of homeless people, not only those deemed ‘in priority need’, and so helps many single and ‘intentionally’ homeless people who may have very limited access to housing.

The charity has limited housing stocks and strives to operate a fair system according to individual need and available resources.

Who can apply for housing with Brick by Brick LHAG?
Any person over the age of 18 who is homeless, or is about to become homeless. Being homeless can range from ‘sleeping rough’ to being in insecure accommodation (for example, sleeping on someone else’s floor) or if inhabiting accommodation that is unreasonable to live in. The charity needs applicants to provide proof of status by applying to the local authority housing dept as a homeless person. The housing dept has a duty to investigate and advise on housing need and to issue any applicant with a written decision (called a ‘S 184’). Please contact the charity if you have difficulty obtaining this document if you wish to register with us and we will try to assist you.

The charity has an obligation to carry out checks on immigration status before proceeding with any application.

The charity does accept those who receive housing and other benefits, but encourages tenants to empower themselves through work and study if appropriate.

Allocation of properties and tenancies
We operate a waiting list in which potential tenants are given points according to need and time waited. Any property offered will be limited according to the size of applicant and family. Medical and social factors will be considered. Ground floor properties will normally be offered to families with young children or to those with severe disability/mobility issues first.

When other properties become available, those applicants who have highest points will be made offers first. We only make one offer under normal circumstances. Assured shorthold tenancies are offered which are automatically renewed unless there are concerns.

Transfers within the organisation are possible when overcrowding is an issue (as defined by housing law), or when a property becomes under-occupied.

Single, double rooms and studio flats are offered to single people, couples without children, or in emergency situations, to couples with a very young child. (In these cases, attempts would be made to urgently rehouse to more appropriate accommodation.)

  1. Bed flats will be offered to families with 1 child.
  2. Bed flats will be offered to families with I or 2 children.

We encourage tenants with children to apply for local authority housing and will help existing tenants with this if necessary. We have a duty to avoid overcrowding, and we must balance this with need. Children under 10 should only share a double bedroom (over 110 sq. ft). A boy and girl should have separate bedrooms over the age of 10. In shared flats, single adults are allocated one room each.

Points system

  1. Sleeping rough: 20 pts
  2. Overcrowding: For each extra bedroom needed: 5 pts
  3. Medical/social need including domestic violence: 10-20 pts, evidence based.
  4. Families apart: 1 pts
  5. Insecure accommodation: 10 pts
  6. Waiting time: 3 pts per year on anniversary

Equal Opportunities
Brick by Brick is committed to implementing equal opportunities and to ensuring that its practices and procedures facilitate equal access to services. We strive to ensure that nobody receives less favourable treatment on the grounds of colour, ethnic origin, gender, sexual orientation, marital status, religious or political belief, age or disability. This policy extends to all organisations and employees associated with the charity.