10 ways to keep safe on the streets

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If you have to spend some time on the streets, it’s important to find ways to stay safe and warm.

  1. Get a hot meal, shower and clean clothes during the day at a day centre for homeless people.
  2. At night, keep to quiet well-lit areas, near to other people if possible. You may be moved on or hassled in busy public places.
  1. Stay in a place where homelessness outreach teams visit with food and blankets. For example, near a day centre or cold weather shelter.
  2. Stay under cover or in some form of shelter in case of bad weather.
  3. Wear lots of layers of clothing.
  4. Hot food and drink can help you stay warm, so try to eat or drink something hot before going to sleep. A soup run could provide you with free food.
  5. Alcohol can dehydrate you – try to avoid it before sleeping.
  6. Use something to create a barrier between yourself and the ground, such as a sheet, blanket, cardboard or newspaper.
  7. Find a safe place for valuables. Try to store these at a day centre. It’s safer than keeping them with you.
  8. Keep in touch with friends and family to let them know you’re safe – use the Message Home Helpline.

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